Spring is FINALLY here! and we’ve put together our 10 reasons to be happy that it is:



1) The clocks have gone back – sunset happy hour anyone? 


2) The sun’s reappearance means two things: bare legs (!) and gorgeous, bright colour palettes


3) The spring clean – perfect peace of mind and more wardrobe space for those summer essentials! 


 4) Give your feet a break – pretty sandals are back and with them, pedicure season.

Co-ordinate your favourite Kelsey style with this season’s hottest shades


5) Time to update the playlist! We’re loving Lucy Rose’s beautifully soothing voice for the onset of festival season and Tei Shi’s cool electronic pop for those longer evenings

6) Making the most of unpredictable English weather – the gorgeous smell after an April shower 


7) The flowers are in bloom – the colours, that smell, those Instagrams..


8) Charity season will soon be in full swing – refresh your mind by giving back. A great chance to meet people and learn new skills. Get creative with your fundraising ideas, like these paper roses made of vintage maps. Perfect for a charity sale.


9) Reclaim your lunch hour and find a calming spot of green near your office. Your mind (and your tan) will thank you for it!


10) New season means time to experiment. The nail colour you’ve been crushing on or that new haircut? No time like the present

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How will you be stepping into Spring?